Painting Södermalm

Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

Mixpaint on canvas, 100x70cm

This is the second painting for a friend of mine, Uppsala being the first. This is a painting put together from maybe one hundred photos of Södermalm as reference.

The point of view is from Nacka, east of Södermalm and the image focuses on the quarter called Sofia, with the beautiful Sofia church. In the far right you can see Slussen and Gamla Stan, and to the left Eriksdal and Skanstull.

Some of the main details which at this size can’t be seen are the pubs. There are about 15 pubs hidden along the streets of Södermalm for the buyer to discover for himself. This refers to my impression of Södermalm: It’s all a mess, but you discover more and more things (pubs) with time…

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